Condolence Message

We are deeply saddened by untimely death (02/07/1966-16/04/2014) of Dr Munshi Lal s/o Sh Lekhu Ram, M.O. PHC Landhri, Hisar. He was a kind hearted person and eager to help others with a lovely smile on his face. He has left behind grief stricken family, consisting of wife and three minor sons. May the great soul take rest in the lotus feet of the Almighty.

Whether HCMS doctors can be drafted in General Election duty?

The Chief Electoral Officer w.r.t. the election duty of HCMS doctors clearly says, "Whenever the HCMS doctors are drafted in election duty it may be ensured that medical facilities for public may not suffer". (click to view letter)
It is also mentioned in Handbook of Returning Officer 2014 (chapter III, point 3.3.1, Exempted categories) that the Commission has exempted the medical staff including doctors, nurses, ANM etc in view of their essential nature of duty/service discharged by them. (Abstract from handbook for Returning Officer 2014)

Regarding completion of Probation of MO

Vide memo no 7/3-7EII-2914/421-27 dated 30/01/2014 The DGHS has asked to send the cases of those MO's who are eligible for completion of probation with following details so that the matter may be taken up with Govt. accordingly.

PG Policy Amendments 04/03/14

Existing higher study policy which was circulated by the department on dated 23/12/11, 30/05/12 and 11/03/13 is hereby amended. The amendments are applicable from 2014-2015 academic session. A few highlights are as under:
  • Doctors who had acquired PG diploma before entering the service and want to appear for PG degree of any stream mentioned in this policy, mandatory rural service of two year will not be required. LSA/EMOC and USG trained are also exempted. However they have to complete four years of regular satisfactory service.
  • Doctors can do PG before completion of fours of service provided he has completed two year of satisfactory service/after successful probation period. This period will be treated as Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL).
  • Doctors who wishes to do PG in any other speciality (beyond the list given in PG policy) in private institution will have to seek EOL.
  • If a doctor has not completed compulsory service after PG, he shall deposit their bond money @ 10% as simple interest from the date of concerned remained absent from job. 
click here to view the details of amended PG Policy

Mandatory Rural for ACP, Amended.

Govt has amended the rural service condition for giving ACP Scales vide Memo no 10/4/2013-3HB-l dated 07-02-2014 o/o Principal Secretory to Haryana Govt. Health department.
The medical officer should have completed at least 3 years of rural service in rural PHC's at only first 2 stages of ACP.i.e. two year rural service before grant of 1st ACP and one year rural service before grant of 2nd ACP.
All specialists (degree and diploma) and doctors trained in EMOC, LSA, USG shall be exempted for rural services.

Mass CL 8th and 9th Nov.2011 Sanctioned

Govt of Haryana has decided to treat Mass CL taken by doctors on a call by Haryana Civil Medical Sercices Association as leave of kind due. i.e. 8th and 9th of November 2011 vide Memo no. 13/41/2013-3HB-l dated 07-02-2014 o/o Principal Secretory to Haryana Govt. Health department.