Standard Operating Procedure for Examination of Rape Victims

“I just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of this, these thoughts, whispers in my mind. Did he rape my head, too?” 
The end of year 2012 and the beginning of year 2013 will forever remain etched in the collective memory of we as a society and nation as images of women and men, young and old, getting together to protest against an act of inhuman cruelty against a ‘daughter of the nation’.
Or was it really just one act that made them stand up and fight? Was it the collective guilt of having not spoken up for the countless other such victims? Was it a collective fear that was driving them – fear that they themselves or someone close to them could be next? Was it the sense of having no hope from the powers that matter which made them take to the streets all over India? Was it a nation finally finding voice to speak as one? Was it the collective shame of not having spoken before? Was it the anger against the countless injustices suffered by any women in an ordinary day of existence? Was it impotent rage? Or was it a combination of all of them. And maybe, much more than that.
She was variously called Damini, Nirbhaya. She could have been any one. She could have been some one we knew. She could have been someone we would have never met all our lives. But she was special. She was special for those she was close to. And she is special for the entire nation that experienced what she went through. We grieve for her.
It is very seldom that the sufferings of one individual come to epitomize the collective sufferings of the entire gender.
Her suffering and trauma should not be allowed to go waste. The collective anger and grief of the society must not be allowed to wither away. It should act as a clarion call for all those who matter to get their act together. This collective energy should not be allowed to dissipate without bringing out fruitful change.
The need of the hour is not to just to bring in new laws, but to ensure effective implementation of the same. The most important is to bring a change in the attitude of the society. The society has to learn to be responsible for the safety and well being of its women.
“But being responsible has nothing to do with being raped. Women don’t get raped because they were drinking or took drugs. Women do not get raped because they weren’t careful enough. Women get raped because someone raped them.”
The deep rooted prejudices against females start even before the birth of the child. Clandestine and ill legal determination of sex of the unborn child, followed by selective termination of female fetuses, in active connivance with a miniscule minority of own profession is a dark reality of the Indian society and an ugly blot on the face of our profession. The resultant skewed sex ratio has got far reaching consequences for the society as a whole, and for female security especially, a fact that is more often than not ignored.
The prejudice then prevails throughout the infancy and childhood manifesting as compromise in nutritional level, compromise in medical treatment and compromise in educational opportunities as compared to her male siblings. After marriage, even today, a large number of females have no say in not only how their household is run, but also in how their own life is run.
There are many different forms and ways in which females are persecuted by the society - in the name of killing “witches” in some areas of the country; or as the abandoned and helpless widows in ashrams of vrindavan; in the name of “dowry deaths”; or in the name of honour killings, and many more such practices. Such practices have the explicit or tactic consent of the local society in many cases.
All such instances and practices, coupled with inept and, at many times, conniving police, insensitive bureaucracy, long winded legal process, lethargic and slow responding legislative machinery and an apathetic society – make a dangerous cocktail which portends ill for us a civilized society.
India is a land of paradoxes. We worship female form in numerous ways. And yet, we are depraved enough to heap uncountable miseries on our women folk.
We as Doctors have a lot to do in this regard. We have to take the lead in changing the society. We can play a vital role in eliminating the blot of sex selective termination of pregnancy. We can use our position to ensure better healthcare – preventive, promotive and curative- for the female child. We can help the womenfolk be more in control of their reproductive health and choices. We can identify victims of abuse by our vigil in the course of our daily professional work. We can help prosecution of perpetrators of crimes against women by timely and efficient medico legal work. We can give a helping hand, a patient ear, an understanding care and a healing touch to the victims of abuse.
Let us take the lead.
Dr Ashish Rana
General Secretary
Haryana Civil Medical Services Association.

Promotion order MO to SMO (Dated 21-12-2012)

The HCMS association was taking up the issue of promotion of Medical doctors consistently because of firstly the supervision and administrative load on SMO's/Deputy Civil Surgeons and secondly stagnation in jobs of Govt doctors. And here comes the result, the Governor of Haryana is pleased to promote the 43 Medical Officers to the post of Senior Medical officers/Deputy Civil Surgeons/Deputy Directors.

Supreme Court Judgement regarding NEET PG (Dated 13-12-2012)

Upon hearing counsel the Hon'ble Supreme Court made the following order: 
Place these matters on 15th January, 2013. In the meantime, the Medical Council of India, the Dental Council of India, as well as the States and Universities and other Institutions, will be entitled to conduct their respective examinations for the M.B.B.S, B.D.S. and PostGraduate courses, but shall not declare the results of the same, until further orders of this Court.

Message from Gen. Secretary regarding NEET PG

Many of our members are confused and apprehensive on the implementation of NEET in our state. The NEET for PG courses will be held by National Board of Examinations. The prospectus for the same has been issued.
Going by it and other information as available at www.nbe.gov.in/neetpg/ , the salient points are as under:-
· All students aspiring for admission in PG course in both Govt. and Private Colleges, whether as in service candidates or as open candidates, should appear for PG NEET.
· This test is necessary to gain admission in any college except for AIIMS New Delhi, PGIMER Chandigarh, JIPMER Puducherry or such institutions as may be notified MoHFW, Government of India.
· For eligibility, a candidate should score 50th percentile (40th in case of SC/ST/OBC & 45th percentile for candidates eligible under physically challenged category as defined in the information bulletin) to become eligible. Kindly note that it is percentile, not percent.
· The NBE holding the test will issue an all India ranking and the State ranking on the basis of marks obtained in NEET.
· 50% of PG Seats in the state will be allotted by State quota and 50% by All India quota as done in pre-NEET situation.
· In the 50% state quota all the prevalent state reservations will continue. This means the service quota will continue.
· For the all India quota, 50% of all diplomas are reserved for Service doctors working in remote areas. (The remote area will be defined by the respective state).
· Provided that in determining the merit of candidates who are in service of Government/public authority, weight age in the marks may be given by the Government /Competent Authority as an incentive at the rate of 10% of the marks obtained for each year of service in remote and /or difficult areas upto the maximum of 30% of the marks obtained in National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test.
· There shall be no negative marking.
· The private college/s in the state should surrender 50% of the P.G. seats to the state quota and the rest 50% will be management seats but they also will be filled on the basis of ranking of this test.
· The state will not lose any seat from the pre-NEET position but should rather gain 50% of the seats as available in private medical college in the state.
All are reminded that this system is being introduced for the first time and there may be a few grey areas. You are requested to check the NBE website frequently in order to be updated about any new development/ clarification.
You all are requested to identify the areas of concern with regard to NEET that need to be looked into and convey the same to the state body.
The association is in the process of taking up the issues arising out of this new arrangement with the authorities concerned and hopefully, clarifications will be issued in due course.
We request all the members desirous of joining PG course to apply online for NEET and prepare for the exam on the guidelines given in NBE website and to give it their best shot.
Wishing you all the best.
With warm regards,
Dr Ashish Rana,
State Gen Secretary,
H.C.M.S. Association.

Video Conference for MO's appearing as witness

A meeting was held under the Chairmanship of the Hon’ble Mr. Justice Hemant Gupta on 17.04.2012 wherein an issue of providing Video Conferencing facility to the Medical Officers who will be appearing as witness in Courts was discussed and an order had been passed by the Home Department.
The relevant portion of the  order can be seen by clicking this link.  

Modification in PG Policy

Recently there has been some confusion regarding modifications in P.G. Policy of Haryana Government as a result of a news article appearing in a section of the press which apparently did not present the total facts regarding the issue.
The relevant news article, the letter from F.C.H.M. and the letter from D.G.H.S. can be assessed from the links given below:-
The news paper clipping.


The common entrance test (CET) for admission to Medical Post-graduate Courses across the country i.e. National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for Medical Postgraduate Courses - MD/MS/Diploma (NEET-PG ) has been announced for 2013 session. 
Registration for NEET PG will open on 09:30 am on 4th October, 2012.The examination shall be conducted from 23rd November – 6th December, 2012
For more information visit http://www.nbe.gov.in/neetpg/

Blue Light for Civil Surgeons

In exercise of the power conferred by sub rule (2) of rule 108 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, the Governor of Haryana makes following amendment in Haryana Government Transport Department, Notification No. 24/17/81_3T(II),  dated the 27th Aprii,2006 namely:-  Amendment
Click the link to see amended Notification for use of  Blue Light.
Click the link to see original Notification for use of Blue Light.

Invitation for XXXII Convention of HCMSA

Haryana Civil Medical Services Association is going to hold its 32nd Convention as per details below

Date : 5th August 2012 (Sunday)
Venue : Hotel Noor Mahal, Sect 32, Karnal
Time : 10:30 AM onwards

You all are cordially invited to grace the function and requested to motivate all HCMS Doctors of your district to join the convention and make it a grand success.

With warm regards,
Dr Rajesh Kumar
State President
HCMS Association


State Executive Meeting at Karnal
Decision to hold elections for all the posts and an election commission formed for the purpose on the lines of the past elections.
Ist Meeting of Election Commission
1).5 member committee formed. Dr Satvir Choudhary President and Dr Ashok Choudhary Vice President
2).Date of nomination upto 21.6.2012 before 3.30 PM in Person in writing to any o f the member of commission
3).Conditions including the necessity that the candidate,proposer and seconder have to be life member and benelovent fund members notified.
4). Date of scrutiny on 24.6.2012 at Rohtak/Karnal
5). Date of withdrawal 26.6.2012 before 4:00 PM in person and in writing to any of the member of commission

2nd Meeting of Election Commission
1).List of Candidates who applied for various post decleared
2).Call for scrutiny on 24.6.2012 at Rohtak.Candidates advised to be present  in person or through agent

3rd meeting of Election Commission
Scrutiny report issued
Notice of the election commission
All the candidates informed to come come in person or through representative to remove objections on 02.07.12
4th meeting of election commission
All the nominations and withdrawals are again scrutinized and final list of eligible candidates issued

Reasons for rejections:
1.       The nomination of Dr. Praveen Garg for the post of President was not received in physical form only said to be through email but no such mail was shown to commission members. No proposer or seconder mentioned. Details of life membership and benevolent fund numbers not available. No clarification received from the candidate at any time.
2.        The nomination of Dr. C.P.Arora for the post of Vice President was not signed by the candidate. The same was confirmed by the candidate on 24.06.12. Telephonically to the commission members and no representation was received for clarification from him at any time. CLICK HERETO VIEW NOMINATION.
3.       The nomination of Dr. Gulshan for the post of General Secretary was received electronically and did not carry any proposer or seconder. Another application submitted through a third party did not carry the signatures of the candidate and was received after the closing time. The candidate did not appear before the commission on 24.06.12 and was unable to give a reasonable explanation during his personal appearance on 02.07.12 . CLICK HERE TO VIEW NOMINATION.

Requests for withdrawal of nominations Click here for list1,  Click here for list2.

1.       PRESIDENT                        :                             Dr. Kuldeep (Rohtak)
                                                                                 Dr. Vijay Dahiya (Yamuna Nagar)
2.       VICE PRESIDENT                  :                         Dr. Satvir (Karnal)
3.       GENERAL SECRETARY           :                      Dr. Ashish Rana (Hisar)
4.       JOINT SECRETARY              :                          Dr. Pradeep (Kurukshetra)
                                                                                       Dr. Anoop (Yamuna Nagar)

HCMS Association Election 2012-13

Under the chairmanship of Dr Satvir Chaudhry, first meeting of commission to conduct fair election of HCMS Association for year 2012-13 was held on 30.05.2012 at Panchkula. The meeting was attended by Dr Ashwini Kumar (Karnal) and Dr Mahinder (Sonipat), with telephonic concurrence of Dr Suresh Kumar (Panipat) and Dr Ashok Chaudhry (Hisar). Click here to view details.
Following candidates have applied for various posts and informed to be present at the time of scrutiny on 24-06-2012. Click here to view list of candidated.
A meeting of Election Commission was held on 24-06-2012 at Rohtak to scrutinize the nomination received.
Following candidates have withdrawal their nomination on 25-06-2012.
Convention has been postponed and it has been decided to be held in Karnal distt. As per the convenience of the Chief Guest the revised date will be intimated soon. (link)


The issue of continuing medical education and skill up gradation of the Doctors serving in the HCMS has been taken up repeatedly by the association with the concerned authorities.

In relation to the same, a letter was circulated by the DGHS dated 14-12-2011 (click here to view letter).

It has been brought to our notice that the letter has not been circulated to the Doctors at many districts.

This is a cause of concern that many such instances have occurred in the past too that important letters such as the one in question, which have an effect on the working conditions of the Doctors and provision of improved health care to the patients are not given due priority by the authorities concerned and are often lost on the bureaucratic maze of red tapism.

We appeal to the authorities concerned, the Doctors and the concerned officials to be proactive about such initiatives.

The letter in question states that the list of books needed was to be supplied to the DGHS office within two days. We request the DGHS office to please give more time to the doctors in such similar initiatives as well as to ensure that the letters and the proposals are properly disseminated to the concerned Doctors.


Dear Members, 
Every one is in the mood of New Year celebrations and good things have started on a positive note for the HCMS Doctors and the service. 
As every one is well aware, our association has been taking up all the demands and issues faced by us at various levels with the Government. Their persistent efforts and due to the strength and unity shown by the Doctors, a lot many demands have been fulfilled in the past too and also, at the start of this new year, there is good news for all of us. 
1. Confirmation of doctors: The association had been taking up repeatedly with the Government the issue of the extra ordinarily long delay in the confirmation of Doctors in service. As a result of their efforts, an unprecedented number of Doctors have been confirmed in service. A total of 1406 Doctors have been confirmed in service (5 as Civil Surgeons, 170 as S.M.O.s and 1231 as M.O.s).We can only hope that the DGHS office will now make it a regular practice and not wait for the frustration to build up in the cadre.
2. Gradation list: After a lot of efforts by the association, the DGHS office has finally started the process of notifying the gradation list of doctors. A tentative list has been prepared and circulated and hopefully the final list will be out soon and will be updated regularly in future too.
3. Post Graduation Policy: A new PG Policy has been notified by the department finally overturning the misconceived previous policy which was deeply flawed and led to unnecessary and unjustified frustration and litigation. The policy, while better in many aspects, can still be improved. We are sure the association will continue its efforts and will engage with the Department to further improve the same, so that it will become a model policy for other states to follow.
4. Counting of NPA for leave encashment: The finance department has finally agreed to rectify the issue of calculation of leave encashment. It took a lot of efforts on the part of the association to set the matter right.
Click here to view letter.
5. Provision of vehicles at CHC level: The association had repeatedly stressed on the government the need for provision of a vehicle at CHC level. The same has finally been agreed to by the Government and in a very short time we can expect the vehicles to reach the field. We are sure that this will lead to better administrative control and improved working at the ground level. 
6. Creation of additional posts at periphery level: The government in an earlier order had redistributed 285 posts of Medical Officers from the peripheral health institutions to the District Hospitals. This had lead to a situation where the health delivery mechanism at the peripheral system was bound to suffer and also the career avenues of the Doctors was bound to get affected because of the necessity of a rural tenure for ACPs/PG etc. The matter was taken up with the Government by the association and the Government has finally agreed to create an equal number of seats at the peripheral level to offset the loss caused by the earlier orders. 
7. Streamlining of the promotion process: The issue of stagnation in service had been taken up numerous times by the association. As a result, the process of promotions has been stream lined to a large extent as is evident by the number of Doctors getting the promotions due to them at various levels. The issue of service extensions and re employment has been taken up with the government and the issue has been represented by the association at various levels so that the career progression of the Doctors does not suffer. 
In all this process, we duly acknowledge the dynamic leadership of Hon able Chief Minister Haryana Sh.Bhupinder Singh Hooda ji, the positive outlook of our Health Minister Rao Narender Singh ji, the administrative acumen of worthy FCHM Smt. Navraj Sindhu and the hard work put in by Additional Director Administration Sh. Hardeep Singh. 
We are sure that the association will continue to constructively engage with the authorities concerned so that the other pending issues can be settled to mutual satisfaction. And we are sure, with the continued support of all the members, we are bound to succeed. 
With best compliments from,