Regarding attending National/International Conference/Workshop

Govt. of Haryana has revised its policy regarding attending National/International Conference. Now doctors will attend National conference once in two years and will attend International conference once in three years.
Accordingly, all Medical and para medical staff interested in attending Conference/workshop etc. should apply for the same on the attached application form and the case will be processed in the DGHS office as per the approved policy.

Relaxation in posting to Home District

The Association had taken up the issue of Doctors not getting posting in respective home districts and had lobbied for relaxation in this condition. The Government has now given relaxation in this condition for five districts i.e. Jind, Bhiwani, Mewat, Hissar and Mahendragarh in the first phase.

Adhoc Doctors Regularized

Some Doctors had been continuing in adhoc job in the department for a long time. The issue was taken up by the Association and now the services of such Doctors have been regularized by the government.

Regarding NOC for NEET PG

The Association had represented to the government that the need to apply for N.O.C. for applying for/appearing in PG Exam should be done away with and only those Doctors who have cleared the exam and intend to appear in counseling be required to take N.O.C. for the same.

Update on District Medical Library

In continuation of Memo No DHS (HMD)-2012/1170-1211 dated 22-10-2011, Govt. have decided to open medical library at district headquarter. The list of books already mentioned in previous letter is attached with this letter for recirculation and taking opinion from the specialist. If comment/ suggestions not received within one week it will be presumed that you have nothing to suggest/ comment and the list of books attached will be assumed final. 

Building Bridges - Forging Relationships

Dear Friends,
We have been following the struggles and efforts of our professional brothers and sisters in different states of India through the news in different media, the internet and also through personal contacts in different states. 
We at HCMS Association feel that many of the issues and problems facing the Doctors are common to all the states and that we may have a lot to learn from each other’s experiences and successes. We believe that enhanced interaction and co operation among the various state associations will be mutually beneficial in more ways than one. 
To end this, we have made efforts to trace and contact the various associations in India and have compiled the information we could gather. The same is being displayed as a link.
Our association has for the past more than 3 years been working on the idea to have an interaction among various state associations. We are trying to fix up a meeting at Chandigarh at some mutually convenient dates. The same shall be conveyed to you as soon as the things are a bit settled and your kind help and co operation is requested in this endeavor. We sincerely hope that you shall support us in this effort. 
Your comments and feedback will be eagerly awaited.
With all the best wishes!!! 
Warm regards, 
Dr Ashish Rana 
General Secretary, 
HCMS Association

Doctors rue delayed promotion


Magical figure, 1 lac hits

I hereby take the opportunity to congratulate all members of HCMS Association for reaching the hits of your website ( www.hcmsassociation.in / www.hcmsassociation.com / www.hcmsassociation.co.in ) to the magical figure of 1,00,000. It is a matter of pride for all of us. Keep it up guys.
We hit, we grow.

Additional Increment for PG 16-8-13

Govt. has clarified that in case of those HMCS officers who have completed the PG degree/diploma before the joining but the result of degree/diploma is declared pass after his/her joining, such cases are also covered for additional increment as provided under para 4 of Finance Department instruction no. 1/19/2009-1PR(FD) dated 20.02.2009.

Option for Rural Services

As you all know that two year rural service is compulsary to get 1st, 2nd and 3rd ACP. So vide letter no 2/25-1E2-2017/3349-75 dated 22-07-2013, the office of DGHS has asked to give options for rural services by 12th of August 2013. (click to see details.)


Congratulations to all members of HCMS, as there is a press release from CM house that the letter issued from Finance Deptt. on dated 10-06-2013 regarding NPA not a part of basic, will be withdrawn.
Instructions issued by Finance Department vide letter no 7/27/2007-4P-Pension(FD) dated 6/7-6-2013 regarding Pensionary benefits and vide letter no 1/19/2009-1PR(FD) dated 6-6-2013 regarding revision of rates of NPA are withdrawn vide same numbers dated 28-6-2013.

Important Instructions for Medico Legal Work

The association has been receiving many queries whether medico-legal work is to be conducted at PHCs.
In relation to this, instructions were issued by the department on 07.09.2011.

Important news for PG Aspirants

The issue of some in service quota PG seats not getting filled up due to inadequate number of eligible candidates on account of higher cut off was taken up by the association with concerned authorities.
The Government of India has lowered the eligibility criteria and as a result more of in service candidates are now qualified to participate in the counselling.
The association represented to the FCHM, DGHS & Directorate of Medical Education and research to extend the counselling so that the newly eligible candidates can also participate in the counselling.
Now the date for applying for counselling has been extended for newly eligible candidates.
All the newly eligible candidates are advised to utilize the opportunity.
Dr Ashish Rana
General Secretary HCMSA

Revision of Civil Services Rules

Existing Punjab Civil Service Rules Volume I, Volume-II & Volume III (applicable to Haryana Government employees) are being revised in nine sets incorporating all the instructions and policy decisions taken by the Chief Secretary to Government Haryana and Finance Department from time to time. It can be assessed/downloaded from the links provided as under: -  
Valuable comments/suggestions were invited from the officials/officers concerned, experts and public at large on the above said nine sets of draft rules by 16.07.2013. 
HCMS Association had submitted some suggestions/comments on the draft of Revised CSR.

President’s Message

Dated: 12-06-2013
In a spate of shockers to the HCMS Doctors Govt. has once again tried to put us at receiving end, in its latest notification. The finance department has made a hefty cut in salary of doctors by not considering NPA as part of pay for DA etc. It smacks of the partisan attitude and ulterior motives of establishment towards Doctors. It seems Govt. has relegated the vital issue of health to the background from its priority list. Its latest move also falsifies the tall and ostentatious claims reiterated by Govt. of improving the working conditions of doctors. The latest move would further disincentivise doctors and would create disparity with fellows of neighbouring states inter alia rendering the conditions further hostile to the doctors 
The Health Deptt. is already facing the scarcity of doctors, the latest move of govt is incomprehensible, irrational and insensitive. In the face these tyrannical diktats all members of HCMS Association are appealed to get united and fight it out.                                                                                        
Dr Kuldeep Singh
President HCMS Association
Dated: 15-06-2013                                         PRESS NOTE
Vide Notification dated 6.06.2013 issued by Finance Department; the NPA shall be treated for purposes of DA, entitlement for Loan & advances, TA/DA only(click for notification). And subsequently vide Notification dated 7.06.2013 issued by Finance Department, NPA will not be counted for pensionary benefits(click for notification) and vide Notification dated 10.06.2013 issued by Finance Department, the DA and other emoluments given on NPA has been withdrawn(click for notification). After issuing these notifications there was lot of resentment shown by Doctors then immediately Finance Department replaced its notification dated 6.06.2013 with another notification with same number and date in which “the NPA shall be treated for purposes of DA, entitlement for Loan & advances, TA/DA only” sentence has been withdrawn(click for notification). Officialdom is going by their own whims and fences, looks confused, as how to harass the Doctors. 
This unprecedented dictatorial order by FD is nowhere in the country. NPA has always been considered for DA and other emoluments. In 6th pay Commission also the NPA has been considered as a part of basic Pay for all purposes. Consequent to this order, the salary of a doctor will be reduced to 10 - 15 thousands per month. 
The state body of HCMS Association submitted the memorandum to Principal Secretary Health on dated 13.06.2013(click for memorandum). Principal Secretary Health agreed in principle that this notification is ill-fated and will have adverse effect on Health Department which is already facing shortage of Doctors. PSH assured that she will try to resolve this issue at the earliest. 
The HCMS Association has planned to meet Finance Minister Haryana and Chief Minister Haryana to apprise them of this unwarranted notification on 17.06.2013 and is hopeful that Govt will resolve the issue very soon by withdrawing the notification 
The state body of the HCMS Association has decided that Doctors will not accept deduction of a single penny from their salary and has conveyed to all the members NOT TO DRAW REDUCED SALARY. This message is loud and clear to the Govt. Regarding this HCMS association has called State level meeting on 19.06.2013 at Rohtak and will decide further course of action accordingly. 
Dr Kuldeep Singh
President HCMS Association

Inspection by Green Tribunal

The National Green Tribunal constituted a joint committee to inspect the hospitals whether the hospitals are complying with the Bio Medical Waste Rules or not. If the committee finds irregularities it may pass orders to launch prosecution against Hospitals, well as against the Hospital Authorities.
Therefore all are advised to take necessary steps complying with the Bio medical Waste Rules in true letter and spirit.

Suggestions for MedLEaPR software

The Hon'ble Punjab and Haryana High Court vide order dated 06.11.2012 has directed to consider modification in the software after a period of 6 months namely in June 2013.
You may be facing some problems in preparing the MLR/PMR by this software. You can send suggestions regarding improvement/modification in MedLEaPR software, latest by 10th of June, 2013, through email, to drrajeshkhyalia@yahoo.com, so that all the suggestions can be examined, compiled, approved and may be sent to NIC Haryana for incorporating changes in the software.


Your kind attention is directed to following clauses of the PG policy issued on 23-12-2011:
Clause No III – The applicant Doctors should have completed 4 years of the service on the last date of application given in the prospectus.
Clause No VII (ii) – The upper age limit for PG Diploma/P.G. Degree/Super Specialization will be 45 years on 31st March of the admission year.
The last date of the application form varies from year to year depending on the examination schedule for each year.
The association had represented to the Government to fix 31st March of the admission year as the reckoning date for calculation of the length of the qualifying service, as is the case for calculation of age.
Accordingly, the Government has agreed to the proposal and a notification to this effect has been issued and can be accessed by the link given below.
We are hopeful that this notification will help the Doctors plan their careers in a better way.
Also, the Government has notified 31st March of each year as the last date for applying for NOC.
Since this notification has been released quite late, the association will urge the Government to grant extension in the last date for submission of application for grant NOC for this academic session so that the interested candidates may apply for grant of NOC.

MLR Manual on HaryanaHealth

After long-2 time the department at last displayed the Medico Legal Manual on the official site of Health Department. 
Earlier the manual was available on Internet but the source was not official. The issue had been taken up by HCMS association with the Director General Health Services. 
We are hopeful that this document may prove to be useful to the doctors during the course of their Medico Legal work.