Dear Members, 
Every one is in the mood of New Year celebrations and good things have started on a positive note for the HCMS Doctors and the service. 
As every one is well aware, our association has been taking up all the demands and issues faced by us at various levels with the Government. Their persistent efforts and due to the strength and unity shown by the Doctors, a lot many demands have been fulfilled in the past too and also, at the start of this new year, there is good news for all of us. 
1. Confirmation of doctors: The association had been taking up repeatedly with the Government the issue of the extra ordinarily long delay in the confirmation of Doctors in service. As a result of their efforts, an unprecedented number of Doctors have been confirmed in service. A total of 1406 Doctors have been confirmed in service (5 as Civil Surgeons, 170 as S.M.O.s and 1231 as M.O.s).We can only hope that the DGHS office will now make it a regular practice and not wait for the frustration to build up in the cadre.
2. Gradation list: After a lot of efforts by the association, the DGHS office has finally started the process of notifying the gradation list of doctors. A tentative list has been prepared and circulated and hopefully the final list will be out soon and will be updated regularly in future too.
3. Post Graduation Policy: A new PG Policy has been notified by the department finally overturning the misconceived previous policy which was deeply flawed and led to unnecessary and unjustified frustration and litigation. The policy, while better in many aspects, can still be improved. We are sure the association will continue its efforts and will engage with the Department to further improve the same, so that it will become a model policy for other states to follow.
4. Counting of NPA for leave encashment: The finance department has finally agreed to rectify the issue of calculation of leave encashment. It took a lot of efforts on the part of the association to set the matter right.
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5. Provision of vehicles at CHC level: The association had repeatedly stressed on the government the need for provision of a vehicle at CHC level. The same has finally been agreed to by the Government and in a very short time we can expect the vehicles to reach the field. We are sure that this will lead to better administrative control and improved working at the ground level. 
6. Creation of additional posts at periphery level: The government in an earlier order had redistributed 285 posts of Medical Officers from the peripheral health institutions to the District Hospitals. This had lead to a situation where the health delivery mechanism at the peripheral system was bound to suffer and also the career avenues of the Doctors was bound to get affected because of the necessity of a rural tenure for ACPs/PG etc. The matter was taken up with the Government by the association and the Government has finally agreed to create an equal number of seats at the peripheral level to offset the loss caused by the earlier orders. 
7. Streamlining of the promotion process: The issue of stagnation in service had been taken up numerous times by the association. As a result, the process of promotions has been stream lined to a large extent as is evident by the number of Doctors getting the promotions due to them at various levels. The issue of service extensions and re employment has been taken up with the government and the issue has been represented by the association at various levels so that the career progression of the Doctors does not suffer. 
In all this process, we duly acknowledge the dynamic leadership of Hon able Chief Minister Haryana Sh.Bhupinder Singh Hooda ji, the positive outlook of our Health Minister Rao Narender Singh ji, the administrative acumen of worthy FCHM Smt. Navraj Sindhu and the hard work put in by Additional Director Administration Sh. Hardeep Singh. 
We are sure that the association will continue to constructively engage with the authorities concerned so that the other pending issues can be settled to mutual satisfaction. And we are sure, with the continued support of all the members, we are bound to succeed. 
With best compliments from, 



  1. Congratulations to all HCMS doctors. Hats off to the association for its persistent efforts without which is had not been possible. Only thing may be we could have done better was PG policy to 3 yrs rather than 4 years so that more doctors could benefit from it.

  2. Good job! Carry on HCMSA!! But disappointment for guys going to complete 3 yr service coz of pg thing :-(

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  4. Medico Legal Manual

    by srikumar published on February 21, 2012
    Shatrujeet Kapur (HR 90) deserves all the congratulations from the top cops. Writing in the e-group, he recently announced that his little dream had come true. He announced that the Haryana Medico Legal Manual 2012 had been released by the Haryana government.He also attached the soft copy of the Manual. What a tremendous effort! http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/15737006/1546852343/name/Final+Haryana+Medicolegal+Manual+2012+31.1.2012.pdf C:\Users\CVC\Downloads\Final Haryana Medicolegal Manual 2012.pdf Here is what he says went into making that dream come true! Quote It all started with a Vertical Interaction Course which I got a chance to attend at NICFS New Delhi in Sept 2008. One of the sessions was on medical examination of adolescent victims of rape and sexual assaults by Dr Alexander Khakha from Department of Forensic Medicine, Safdarjung hospital New Delhi. The session included screening of a quality video training film for medical examiners on a state of the art protocol developed by a team of doctors from reputed hospitals in the NCR region including AIIMS as part of a project funded by UNICEF and Ministry of Women and Child Development Govt of India. After returning from the course, I worked on the idea, met the then health secretary several times and got a committee constituted comprising eminent doctors in the field of forensic medicine from PGI/chandigarh, PGI/Rohtak, Directorate of Health in the state and myself as members. This committee worked for nearly a year and modified the protocol on examinations of rape victims as per state requirements, developed one on post mortem examinations, revised the general medico legal examination protocol and also developed design of a model mortuary. Thereafter the bureaucracy took over. Two years and numerous vettings and approvals later, the work of the committee which by now had taken the shape of a manual was finally released early this month. The model mortuary design got dropped on the way as it had financial implications, the rest of the recommendations were accepted in toto. Unquote
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  5. Download Medico Legal Manual For Haryana from this link