Mandatory Rural for ACP, Amended.

Govt has amended the rural service condition for giving ACP Scales vide Memo no 10/4/2013-3HB-l dated 07-02-2014 o/o Principal Secretory to Haryana Govt. Health department.
The medical officer should have completed at least 3 years of rural service in rural PHC's at only first 2 stages of ACP.i.e. two year rural service before grant of 1st ACP and one year rural service before grant of 2nd ACP.
All specialists (degree and diploma) and doctors trained in EMOC, LSA, USG shall be exempted for rural services.


  1. Thanks to the association for this.What about service done at rural CHC..Will it not be counted for ACP? Every CHC has inbuilt PHC.Please guide.

  2. efforts from worthy state leaders and distric leaders along with that our unity, atleast leading to some relief to doctors. we all should be united and do accordingly in future to get our demands be fulfilled.
    i have one thought that i would like to share with u all.
    1. if rural service is relaxed for grant of acp to doctors trained in emoc, Lsa, usg , will there be same relaxation in pg eligiblity criteria for rural service.
    2. in neet it was mentioned that additional marks will be given to doctors working in remote/ difficult area 10 % per year , max 3 years of marks obtained. but government has not even sent the notification about that to neet/ central authority.
    3. also the area declared as remote/ difficult , and incentive for the same is given, also notified in letter from MD NRHM, as difficult area, that service is counted as urban area service, isnt it questionable.
    be united we can get more .............. atleast fight for what we deserve ........
    thanks to all members of H.C.M.S. Association.